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Waterproof Injection Grouting

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Polyurethane Injection Grouting

Polyurethane Injection Grouting

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Property TypeCommercial, Residential, Towers
Applicable AreaWall
Description: Polyurethane Injection Grouting

Puma Injection DYC is a polyurethane injection grouting system. It consist of two component one being is prepolymer resin and the omen being a catalyst. These two components are mixed together and injected into the concrete or RCC structure using a single component pump whether manual or motorized. Perma Inject STC when injected into the concrete farms a semi-rigid and ,cmi flexible foam when it comes in contact wiih water or moisture. This foam effectively stops leakages from the structures.

Direction for use:

Clean the surface to be waterproofed bred remove the plaster or loose concrete in the area. Assess the leaky area and decide the injection nozzle pattern. The leakage could be either from a horizontal or from a vertical crack. Drill holes on either side of the crack at an inclination of 45° inclined towards the center of the crack at an interval of 8 inches center to center. Always start from the lowest point and progress upwards. In the drilled holes fix the packers effectively. In weak concrete the drilled holes becomes larger than desired, in such cases the packers may not fit tightly to leak- proof it. If this happens then grout the surrounding of the packers with the stiff consistency paste of Perma Plug. Mix the two components the prepolymer resin and the catalyst. The catalyst can be adjusted between 6 to 10% to adjust the gel time depending upon the speed and the site conditions. Inject the product into the packer from the manual or motorized high pressure pump till the foam is observed from the neighboring holes. Keep the counter pressure on through the nozzle nipples till the reaction is cornp!eie and the foam and set. Move on to the next packer and continue the process. Clean the pump and the equipment with Perma Inject Clean, a special material specially developed for cleaning polyurethanes.


  • Perma inject DYC seals leakages in all difficult situation such as basements, tunnels and heavily leaking massive structures
  • Perma inject DYC is free from solvents and fillers. It is resistant to hydrolysis and is suitable for use in potable water tanks.
  • The product is supplied as two components the reactor/catalyst can be adjusted from six to ten percent to allow on site adjustement of gel time
  • Perma inject DYC stops the leakage then and there only instantly, after injection, there is no waiting period to wait for curing time etc.


Specific gravity1.08
Viscosity403 mPa.S
Flash point> 150C

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